An NYSC Camp Related Rant

  “Youths obey the clarion call Let us lift our nation high Under the sun or in the rain With dedication and selflessness Nigeria is ours Nigeria we serve” -The first stanza of the NYSC Anthem *** LOCATION: NYSC PERMANENT ORIENTATION CAMP, KUBWA, FCT-ABUJA POPULATION: ≤ 2500 (this is a highly arbitrary figure and it… Continue reading An NYSC Camp Related Rant


Short Story: The Colour Red

NOTE I wrote this story in 2013. I found it while randomly searching my computer for another one of my uncompleted and abandoned short stories. I showed it to a dear friend and my partner-in-weird and he loved it so I decided to tweak it and share it. I didn’t even know I could write… Continue reading Short Story: The Colour Red

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven

Image by Quadri Sorunke ‘What’s going on?’ ‘…We’re all human right?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Yes. So it’s bound to happen to each one of us no matter how fat, skinny, tall, short or whatever we are or whatever we believe in. It’s bound to happen at least once’ ‘I’m afraid I don’t understand what you mean’ *******… Continue reading Something Happened On The Way To Heaven

In The Year 2017: Prayer, Humility & Discipline.

  NOTE: The featured image has absolutely nothing to do with this post. It’s a photo of me that I used as a last resort. I needed an image to accompany the post and I couldn’t find anything befitting so I just went with this. *shrugs*   I know it’s pretty commonplace for almost everyone… Continue reading In The Year 2017: Prayer, Humility & Discipline.