About The Blog:

Welcome to my Mixtape Journal!

This blog is about nothing, anything and everything.

About The Writer:

I’m a writer because I love and believe in the immense power that words hold-the power in their meaning, the power to heal, the power to create, the power to instruct, the power to inform and because it is my best form of self-expression.

With the blog, I want to tell stories inspired by real people and events, share knowledge and observations, raise the consciousness of individuals and awaken the human spirit.

I would want to create a clear distinction between myself and my work as often as I can, only allowing them mesh if it becomes imperative, but in an effort to endear myself to my readers:

I’m Omonehmie Annabella Okoeguale but to save your breath, Ehmie O; a twenty-something Nigerian writer, bibliophile, ‘music enthusiast’, quote collector and Christian with interests in just about anything and dreams of travelling the world to witness and soak in the beautiful things the world has to offer, a child who survived, obsessed with Marvin Gaye II, a big believer in the individual and sometimes an Edo witch that Vienna waits for.

Contact Information (I’d love to hear from you):

Email: ehmieo@gmail.com

Instagram: @EhmieOkoeguale

Twitter: @EhmieOkoeguale

“I love to talk about nothing. Its the only thing I know anything about” – Oscar Wilde


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